Paris? J’adore!

The romance, the style, the ooh-laa-laa around every corner of picturesque Paris gives such a flutter from tip to toes you can’t help but fall in love, mon cherie!

Paris is an amazing city in which to travel with family, as there are a handful of major landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides, The Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Arc de Triumph within just a 20-minute walk or short metro ride of each other. A Seine River tour also captures many attractions from a different perspective and help get your city bearings… and Nutella crepes, baguettes and all the cheese will keep little legs fuelled and even the fussiest of eaters satisfied!

There are gorgeous food markets and stalls dotted around Paris, which you absolutely must frequent in order to truly immerse in French cuisine. In these wooden cart-stalls you will find gorgeously indulgent, buttery caramels, French butter that will make you snub other spreads, artisan baguettes for all the butter (tip: always choose baguette with pointed ends, which indicates it’s handmade), croissant-like pastries, decadent chocolates, cheese perfectly aged, amazing natural wines, macarons and creamy gelato. Always ask the stall holder for recommendations, you will be pleasantly surprised and they will often advise on local events happening around town.  Many market areas have tables and chairs surrounding so you can rest, and properly enjoy every morsel.

The architecture, the stylish café culture, the shopping, the history, the charming Parisians, the old world romance…  It’s no wonder style icon Audrey Hepburn is famously quoted “Paris is always a good idea”.