At Melbourne Travel Project we provide industry-leading expertise, offering tips and know-how to turn your next holiday into the ultimate travel experience.

We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients. Our specialty is in planning personalised, tailor-made itineraries. We take the time to learn specifically what you want from your holiday experiences and how we can make that a reality each and every time you travel with us.

We go the extra mile. We are experienced travellers who understand what goes into making a great holiday experience. We strive to provide the level of service that you want to talk to your friends about and come back to us for years to come for each life-changing holiday!



Meet Mat t


I’ve been in the travel business for 11 years and travelling the world my whole life.

During this time, my career has given me the inspiration and the opportunity to visit all corners of the globe.

I’ve lived in Switzerland, Dubai and Brazil. Experienced the Majestic Northern lights in Iceland and just explored my 60th Country.

Along the way, I’ve met lots of wonderful people and discovered incredible places that are unknown to most travellers.

Melbourne Travel Project lets me share my knowledge of the world with people who want more from their holidays.

It also means I can use the close connections I’ve made with operators to secure incredible deals on accommodation, tours and other travel essentials.

There really is so much to discover.

I want to help you find it.

Matt, Director



Meet Kadi


I’m Kadi and I am the marketing manager at MTP, wife, and mother of 3 beautiful children.  Traveling enables us to discover ourselves and the world we live in, emphasizing our key purpose in life: human connection. Since having children I have become an expert in family travel.  I have mastered the art of packing, transiting, and relaxing whilst holidaying with children.

My career started as a flight attendant. Being able to not only explore our beautiful country but the world as a job was incredible and I gained so many life experiences. After opening MTP my role has been focusing on building the MTP brand and it has been so fun doing this.

Favourite Destination: Hawaii- sipping cocktails by the ocean, eating way too much food, and enjoying the island life

Next Stop: Italy- cannot wait to do a pasta making and tiramisu cooking class.

Kadi, Marketing Manager



Meet  Bobbie


I have been in the travel industry 12.5 years. I am a mum of 2 and enjoy live music, sport, a cheeky cocktail, and dancing. My favourite places to visit would certainly be Italy and Croatia and I love a sneaky Bali getaway with the kids.

Countries I have traveled – England, Scotland, Wales, Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Croatia, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Estonia, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Fiji, New Zealand & Australia.
Next Stop….. Sri Lanka!
Bobbie, Travel Concierge


Meet  Tanya


I am thankful for all I have – my beautiful children, my mother and my partner, and his lovely family. I have been in the industry for a long long time!! Overall 30 years. I love going to the beach, hosting dinner parties, and dining out with Mexican food or tapas. Phillip Island is my original home and love revisiting it any time of year. I have also lived in Vancouver – worked at Expo ’86 (so long ago), Was a Golf Caddy in Japan for 6 months in 1992, Moved to Clifton Beach (near Palm Cove in 2007) for 3 years. But wouldn’t want to live anywhere else now – the Peninsula is the best place in the world.
Cartwheeled across Capilano Bridge, Vancouver when I was 20, Climbed Mt Fuji when I was 26, Learnt to Salsa and Swing when I was 40,
Learned to Stand Up Paddling in the Maldives at 53
Have ticked off a few bucket list destinations – Lake Louise, Inside Passage Alaska Cruise, Caribbean Cruise, Eastern & Oriental Express Train from
Singapore to Bangkok, Helicopter Ride over Grand Canyon.
Favourite Place – all of them! Maldives is the best tropical destination I have seen for its clear blue water and completely idyllic setting.
But also love Hawaii for its tropical vibe and the Caribbean for its natural beauty. I could list more.
Also love Amsterdam and Maastricht for food, culture, and my heritage.
Next Stop: India – I want the Diana portrait in front of the Taj Mahal!
Tanya, Cruise Specialist