Top Healthy Cafes in Bali

We all know Bali as the ultimate tropical getaway. The hustle and bustle of the busy streets in Seminyak and Ubud, mixed with the tranquility of Uluwatu and the laid back nature of Canggu is intoxicating. For a destination that is often publicised as a party town though, it’s gaining some well-deserved recognition as a hub for foodies and fitness enthusiasts alike.


Whether you seeking Vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten free, or Flexitarian (or you simply like to maintain your healthy eating habits while on holiday), Bali is an easy destination to keep your palate clean. The food scene in Bali is forever changing and there are so many new and exciting places opening all the time. Blink and there is another new restaurant, café or bar bringing a unique offering to this holiday hot spot. It seems the newest health trends are brought to market in a flash and with such irresistible produce grown island wide, meals are fresh and tasty.


Our top healthy cafes in Bali are just a snapshot that barely scratches the surface, but are a good starting point for finding delicious, healthy food during your stay in Bali. Eating in Bali has never tasted so good.


But first coffee….

While it’s taken awhile to move beyond sachets of Indo Café adorning the mini-bar or thick soupy coffee blends served at cafes, things have really changed in the last few years. The coffee scene is booming, largely thanks to a contingent of Australians involved in managing cafes. Now you can get your almond milk latte fix with the quality available at most cafes is as good, if not better, than some at home.

Revolver Espresso, Seminyak

The pioneers of great coffee in Bali, it is still one of the best! Now with two locations in Seminyak (keep an eye out for Baby Revolver – blink & you’ll miss it!), they also do great breakfasts. The team at Revolver are committed to sourcing some of the best beans from around the world and they roast and blend their own unique varieties in their own own roastery in Seminyak. Known for great coffee, excellent service, delicious food and an awesome atmosphere you will be sure to make this your daily ritual. Also offers extended trading into the night for dinner & drinks until late.



Earth Cafe: Heaven for vego’s and vegans alike, there are heathy and fresh options galore at Earth Cafe like juices, smoothie bowls, veggie burgers and the most delicious salads.

Shelter Cafe: Serving delicious breakfast and lunch fare in lush, tropical surroundings, a hearty menu of home-cooked dishes is on offer at Shelter complemented by some cracking juices and smoothies. Located on a roof top garden, this place is a secret, relaxing escape from the busy streets of Seminyak.

Cafe Zucchini: One of the most popular places to get your healthy food on in Seminyak, this cafe has become an institution for its freshly made salads, refreshing juices and smoothies.

The Spicy Coconut: An awesome hidden gem, this vegan cafe is not only absolutely stunning, but there’s a lot of love and passion in every dish (the vegan pancakes are amazing).

Watercress Cafe: The latest addition to Seminyak’s burgeoning health cafe scene, Watercress is set in an airy tiled building and is the perfect healthy brekky, lunch or dinner pit stop.


Alchemy: 100% raw vegan and organic, the delicious food at Alchemy may be free from refined sugar, flour, dairy, wheat and chemical additives, but it’s still dang tasty. There’s also some pretty epic raw desserts on offer.

The Seeds of Life Cafe: Serious about your raw food? The Seeds of Life is for you. It’s not all tofu and quinoa though, there’s some hearty feeds like raw lasagne and burgers on the menu.

Dayu’s Warung: A cool little hippie restaurant, dig into delish organic Balinese, Indian, Mexican and Italian fare here. You won’t be disappointed!

Kafe: It might be located on one of the busiest streets in Ubud, but this popular organic restaurant will have you feeling stress-free as soon as you walk inside, thanks to the comfy chairs and the tasty food on offer. Extra points for the super friendly staff.

The Elephant Restaurant: This much-loved Ubud restaurant is worth paying a visit for the delicious and nutritious food, along with the cool view.

Garden Kafe: Straight from the yoga mat to the kafe, enjoy a super healthy brekky, lunch or buffet dinner overlooking the lush gardens of the Yoga Barn.


Peloton Super Shop: Part vegan cafe, part bicycle store, part event space, Peloten ticks all the boxes for deliciously healthy food. It’s not all about salads here, although their catch cry is “GREEN is GOOD” the special menu was designed to show you Plant Based diets can be super fun too. Even if you are a meat fan at heart, your taste buds will play tricks on you as you tuck into their huge range of vegan options, which includes burgers, tacos and pasta. The smoothie bowls and power pancakes are great for brekky while the ‘tricken parmy’—a soy ‘chicken’ schnitzel is waaaay more delish than it sounds. The café has an interesting industrial fit out and they also serve excellent smoothies & coffee, on nut milk of course. Open all day for breakfast, lunch & now dinner.

Green Ginger Noodle House: One of the original cafes in Canguu, this vego cafe also caters to coeliacs. To complement their range of vegetarian and vegan Asian inspired dishes, there’s also vegan ice cream, juices, smoothies and plenty of yum-looking salads.

Motion Cafe: Another Canggu healthy hot spot, previously Avocado Cafe, Motion Cafe is a health lover’s paradise that will have you radiating health in no time. Motion Café serves up some of the freshest and best food on the island, with paleo and gluten free options in abundance. The salads are huge, full of organic produce and just bursting with flavour. The café also has a great “take-home” section for wholesome snacks, treats, drinks & meals. On top of the list is their in house Jamu tonic or healthy muesli bars to take with you for an afternoon treat.

Ithaka Warung: For local, real and fresh cooked Indonesian, this little gem is the place to be. A must-visit Canggu healthy hot spot.

Crate Cafe: With an Aussie owner at the helm, Crate is always bustling and for good reason—the food is healthy, delicious and brimming with nutrients, the vibe is relaxed and you’ll always meet interesting and like-minded travellers.

Milk & Madu: Run by the same team as Watercress, head here for a refreshing acai bowl in the morning, one of their amazing burritos at lunch or one of the legendary salads. The Byron earth bowl will have you glowing from the inside out in no time.


Nebula Petitenget: A fave brekky spot for the health nuts, smoothie bowls abound at this Kuta cafe which also dishes out excellent coffee in clean, minimal and photograph-worth surroundings.

Nalu Bowls: The perfect spot to grab yourself a refreshing, healthy bowl of goodness to survive the heat, all ingredients in your Nalu Bowl are sourced locally (and daily) and look amazing.  These guys now have four spots across Bali and are getting more popular by the day.


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