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Feel comfortable knowing all of the details to create the perfect trip are taken care of.

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Meet like-minded travellers and connect with people who enjoy the freedom and excitement of traveling alone

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We use our network of connections to get you the best deals available on flights, accommodation and tours

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There are so many tours and holidays to choose from. Don’t worry, we personally design your trip to suit your needs and budget

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Our team at Melbourne Travel Project are here to help make your next holiday one to remember for all the right reasons. As your travel concierge, we can help you avoid the pitfalls many travellers fall into. Our advantage lies in years of experience. We know all of the secrets. We also know where the safest areas and hotels area, high on every checklist when travelling.

Maybe you love to explore the side streets of London by  or make new friends at a local café on the streets of Paris. Regardless of what your dream holiday looks like, we work with the most reputable travel partners to turn your dream into a reality.

As your travel concierge, we always go above and beyond to fulfill your requests – before, during, and after your trip. Decide you need to stay a little longer and take that three-day cooking class we recommended in Tuscany? No problem. We’ll make the arrangements. You just worry about how jealous your friends will be seeing your pasta creation.

We plan and book the best value holiday for you without compromising on comfort or location.

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